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  • Timing is Everything When it Comes to Treating Mouth Injuries
    When you or a family member takes a traumatic hit to the mouth, what should you do? Besides immediate first aid, your next action will depend on the extent of Read more
  • Know What to Expect With Dental Implant Surgery
    As dental implants increase in popularity, the surgical procedures to install them are becoming quite commonplace. Still, many people are nervous about this procedure, perhaps not really knowing what to Read more
  • Test Your Knowledge About Thumb Sucking in Children
    Are the following statements true or false? Thumb sucking in children may cause problems with their teeth later on. A: TRUE Prolonged thumb sucking may be responsible for many problems with the bite. Read more
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Root Canals
    If you think you'd rather wrestle a pack of porcupines than go to the dentist for a root canal treatment — then maybe it's time to think again! This common Read more
  • Do Clear Orthodontic Aligners Really Work?
    Compared to traditional braces, orthodontic clear aligners seem miraculous in many ways, almost too good to be true. You may be wondering if they really work. The answer is yes Read more
  • How to Instill Good Oral Health Habits in Children
    Habits — both good and bad — often begin at an early age. They can be defined as recurring, mostly unconscious patterns of behavior, which are acquired by frequent repetition. Read more
  • Why Baby Teeth Need Babying
    Even though they eventually fall out, primary (baby) teeth play several vital roles in your child's development. Among other things, they serve as important guides for the developing permanent teeth Read more
  • Prevention is the Key in the Fight Against Periodontal Disease
    Billions of bacteria live in each of our mouths, sharing a common environment with teeth and soft tissues. Most of the time, they coexist in symbiotic balance. But sometimes that Read more
  • Maintaining Oral Health When You're Expecting
    Every pregnant woman knows that her body will go through a series of profound changes as it's making a new life. Along with the alterations in overall size and changes Read more
  • Genetics and your Gums
    It is sometimes hard to believe all of the features and characteristics that we inherit from our parents. Whether you're tall, short, blue-eyed or blonde, you can usually attribute some Read more
  • What's Your Crown Made Of?
    Like the ones worn by kings and queens of old, dental crowns were traditionally made of that most “royal” of metals: solid gold. This style of crown is still going Read more
  • Cancer Treatment and Oral Health: What You Should Know
    Statistically speaking, Americans can expect to enjoy a longer life today than at any time in the past. A recent U.S. government interagency study indicated that our oldest citizens are Read more
  • Understanding Tooth Sensitivity
    Tooth sensitivity is an all too common problem among dental patients. If eating certain foods or simply touching a tooth causes you pain, you should know why this may be Read more
  • Oral Care Tips for your Toddler
    Caring for a young child can be overwhelming at times. Sometimes, it may feel like you can't read enough books to learn the correct way to do everything from potty Read more
  • Cosmetic Dental Options - Time For Change
    Most dental treatment has a cosmetic aspect to it since in the act of “restoring” teeth they are made to look better. The word “cosmetic” comes from roots meaning, “to Read more
  • Confusing Tooth Pain
    Is it a root canal problem, a gum infection, or both? Sometimes it's difficult to pinpoint the source of tooth pain; it can result from an infection of the tooth itself, Read more

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